Creative technologist with almost 10 years experience working across visual effects and animation pipelines. My extensive in-depth experiences range from pipeline development and support to systems design and operations.

I have spent a great deal of my career working in some of the top visual effects studios in New York City and San Francisco building studio technology. My passion for leading and supporting others on my team is unparalleled as I am a highly creative and innovative manager who can build strong teams and lead them to deliver exceptional technology based solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

My success was achieved intentionally and not by randomly attempting to climb corporate ladders as a way to define myself. Success in any business is a mindset and a choice. I choose to succeed by not letting any outside circumstances determine my level of performance. I have found that opportunities are always in front of me and that oftentimes they simply are disguised as challenges.

Specialties: Media and Entertainment Technology, Visual Effects Production, Systems Architecture Design, Cloud Infrastructure, Technology Management, Project Management, Leadership Development, Hiring, Training, Mentoring, Team Building, Troubleshooting, and Problem Solving.

t: @iboshoer | e: igor@boshoer.com | b: medium